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VCC = Power





What powers you?

What drives you?


Most of you use your phone daily.  For many of you it has become a part of you.  What powers your phone and your tablets is a Vcc supply also known as the Positive Supply rail or Power Supply for an IC (Integrated Circuit). The V.C.C. is that positive supply for the Pine Creek United Men’s Lacrosse Team. 


VCC does stand for Voltage at the common collector or power supply but today is also stands for Varsity Core Club.


The Varsity Core Club will be responsible for strengthening and bonding the team together in the off season so that once we hit the season we hit the ground running.  It will also be responsible for the positive power that is brought to the team throughout the year. 


VCC will meet together once a month in the off season and will hold an event at least once a month to bond the team together.  It is a time to show leadership through this hand-picked group of players.  The VCC team is hand- picked this year. Graduating seniors will nominate a player to take their place. The nominations will be voted on by the existing members of the VCC and the coaching staff. Very likely the Varsity team captains will be picked from this group of individuals also. 


This season we saw the effects of positivity and negativity on the team.  What happened when we were negative was we imploded and it divided the team.  What happened when we were positive was we rose up and fought together.  As coaches we do believe our 2016-2017 season will be our best yet.  We fully expect to make it to the playoffs.  We have the talent now we just need the Power of a bonded team. 


The old leadership program is being retired.  VCC=Power will be taking its place and will be comprised of a much smaller and select group of players. 


Invited by the Varsity Coach to join

Nomination by a graduating senior

Commit to meet once a month with the VCC=Power team

Commit to bring the team together

Commit to being a leader on and off the field

Commit to keeping a good GPA

 If you have any questions feel free to contact Coach Rego at  or 719-200-7532