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Pine Creek High School Varsity Program

The Eagles Varsity / Sub-Varsity teams have been a sanctioned CHSAA sport in the District 20 School District since the 2014 spring season.  This competitive program serves players in the 9th through 12th grades at Pine Creek, Rampart and Liberty High School. TCA students also have the option of joining the program through a district 20 process, as well as other players from D49 in some situations.

The team plays an interscholastic schedule each spring as part of the 5A Conference.  During the off-season this team operates as a club offering weekly open field workouts, strength training, clinics, in addition to competing in fall club tournaments and a winter league.
In 2018 we had 3 levels of play V, JV and C Team. Nearly 60 players participated on the team and we had 8 coaches on staff.
In season practice goes from the end of Feb to 2nd week of May. Practice times are normally 6 to 8 pm and will be held at the Pine Creek High School.
Also, PC Boys lax will be looking to fill a freshman team of 25 players to represent our program in the spring season. Freshman week will be held every year the second week of each school year. Freshman week is coached by the Pine Creek Boy's Lacrosse staff as well as returning players. This is an excellent time for freshmen to get an understanding of the philosophies and expectations of the coaches, understanding drills & connecting with members of the program. The last night of Freshman week we invite the entire Pine Creek Lacrosse family to dinner as a way of welcoming the Freshman into the family.
Keep your eyes open for other learn to play clinics and opportunities for incoming freshman that you may want to consider playing.
For more information on the Pine Creek Lacrosse Family,